Personal Story- Don’t take it to Seriously

For this weeks blog I plan to share a personal story with you. My first blog post described how part of staying healthy is dieting, but dieting isn’t always used in a positive manner. Dieting can go to far and develope into an eating disorder. I have a close friend that suffers from an eating problem. She got the point where she exercised everyday for hours and it became her main focus. A friend and I decided it would be best to confront her and talk with her about it. She denied any problem at first but then said it is something she needs to work on. To this day I still check up on her every once in a while but she is doing pretty good and enjoying her life. I learned a lot from this experience, good friends will listen to you no matter what because if you truly care they can see that. When problems like this occur and you notice it, take the inititiatve and try and help; you never know how much it can turn someones life around.

On another note, exercise is very important for you health. Exercising too little or too much isn’t healthy. The ideal amount of exercise, for the average person, would be three to four times a week for about 30 minutes. So exercise, but in moderation. The key is to not let it control you life and to enjoy the life you have.

I hope this story has given you some insight on a different perspective of my blog topic. Nutrition and Health as a whole interests me very much. I know that many people can take it too seriously and I admit I do too. I just hope to gain more knowledge through doing this blog and I hope you will as well.

3 thoughts on “Personal Story- Don’t take it to Seriously

  1. I wholeheartedly endorse what you say about confronting someone with an eating disorder. Although the person will probably dislike you for a period of time, in the long run what you did will be greatly appreciated. I have many aunts that have suffered from eating disorders of all kinds. Every one of them is now on the right path because my family members and I confronted them and told them they needed help. Eating disorders are a very serious disease and a cry for help… a cry not to be ignored. -Kayla Seley

  2. That was a great story. It is awesome that you decided to step up and talk to your friend. although she may have been mad for you asking at first, everything worked out for the better. Just like you said, exercise can be used and abused.

  3. Eating disorders are a huge problem in our country. By you stepping up to help your friend out it shows the amount of respect that you have for your friends. Being healthy is a huge part of a lot of peoples life and you do a great job at explaining this.

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